Baptism by Fire

Letting go of the Past- Baptism by Fire
Here’s to burning all of the old pages of 2016…learning from mistakes, letting bad memories of the past go, pushing forward onto a better future…boy have I learned a lot and have been through some extreme changes..from learning about my love and passion for photography and building an acupuncture practice in North Carolina..I’m thankful for all of the beautiful souls that I’ve crossed paths with..those who have taught me lessons… and I think the biggest lesson I’ve learned this year is to stay true to myself. You cannot let others dictate your path, your creativity, your spirit. It is for you to find and let guide you through this crazy little thing called life. I hope to continue to grow, find love, health and happiness this next year. Oh and become a famous photographer! lol Happy New Year Everyone! The next chapter continues…..
— with Adam Christopher Lentini.